The Fine Art of reproducing Fine Art
Night Vision
Onwards and Upwards
A Thorough Soaking
Aston One Two
An Italian Affair
Blue Streak
Blue Thunder
Chasing Victory
Check Mate
Daytona Sunrise
Dust Up
Fearsome Beast
Full Employment by John Ketchell
Full Throttle
Heading for Victory
Impossible Victory
Local Hero
Mini Magic
Monza Magic
Old Number One
On the Prowl
Pampas Bull
Perfect Day by John Ketchell
Pit Stop
Seeing the Light
Snake Bite
Splashing Out
Storming to Victory
Screaming to Victory - John Ketchell
Screaming to Victory
One of the Best
Victory at Last
Raining Champion
Against All Odds - John Ketchell
Against All Odds