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Rex Preston

Rex Preston gets his inspiration from the landscape and loves to paint everything from the moody, mountainous landscapes of Scotland to the beautiful spring flowers on the cliffs in Cornwall.

Rex Preston - artistEach year he goes on many painting trips around the country, either finding new areas to paint or revisiting favourite areas like Cornwall or the Lake District. In recent years Norfolk has been added to his list of favourites. He never accepts commissions, which leaves him free to paint whatever he wants with enthusiasm. He has always had a fascination with the wild, unspoilt moorland areas of the Peak District and his recent book “Rex Preston’s Peak District and Pennines” sold out very quickly.

I spend as much time as possible out in the countryside whatever the weather searching for subjects, often accompanied by my son Mark, who is also an artist. When the weather allows, I paint out on location and just walk until something takes my eye. I quite often don’t know what I am looking for, but it usually involves colour, light and reflections. Sketching is also very useful to quickly record fleeting light effects and atmospheres. Often in showery weather it would be impossible to paint, but a sketch can record the changing skies and light effects. The most incredible effect might only last for a few minutes, but with my pencil and sketchbook, I can capture enough to be able to paint it later. Back in my studio, my sketch will remind me of what really inspired me and, together with my memory and imagination, will give me all I need to complete the painting.

Infinity Art Prints are delighted to be not only reproducing but also publishing Rex’s work in highest quality print form. We supply the trade only so do get in touch if you are a gallery or shop. For members of the public who are keen to get hold of Rex’s personally approved and signed limited edition prints you will find outlets listed here.

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