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Cheryl Wilbraham

Snakes Head Fritillary - Cheryl WilbrahamInspired by colour, structure and form Cheryl has developed a style of botanical painting which combines technical precision with artistic beauty. The resulting watercolour images are vibrant, contemporary and elegant.

After qualifying in Scientific and Natural History Illustration from Blackpool College, Cheryl worked for several years as a successful freelance Illustrator working with leading Artists Agent ‘The garden studio’, producing illustrations for use in publishing and advertising for clients which included, Country Living Magazine, Tesco, Sainsbury, Marshall Cavendish, Ward Lock and Times Books.

During this time she also worked as a freelance finished artist for a company specialising in the area of thematic cartography. Working on many of the Times Thematic atlases producing illustrations and creating new and amending existing artworks including the Times Atlas of World History (4th Edition) and Times Concise Atlas of World History and Times Atlas of past Worlds.

She qualified as a tutor in adult education and began teaching in community education in the mid nineties.

Cheryl is inspired to paint by the colour, structure and form of all botanical and natural history subjects. Her aim is to represent and respond to what she sees in a way which will bring out the individual beauty of each subject. Whilst most of her work is detailed and realistic she also enjoys producing paintings in a style which is a little more immediate which hopefully helps to keep her watercolours vibrant and fresh.

She was awarded the St Cuthbert’s Mill Award by the SBA in 2009, accepted for associate membership in 2010 and elected to full membership in 2011. Cheryl was awarded a Silver- Gilt medal by the RHS in 2010.

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